Helpful HintsTop ten tips to ensure your goods are protected whilst in storage:

Top ten tips to ensure your goods are protected whilst in storage:

  1. Make sure your goods are securely packed, wrapped or covered.
  2. Fill cartons to capacity.
  3. Pack heavy items (such as books and tools) in small cartons.
  4. Pack books flat, not on their spines.
  5. Pack and label cartons room by room for easy unpacking.
  6. Protect clothing and personal goods by packing in strong cartons with scented soap or mothballs.
  7. Protect mirrors, windows, screens and paintings with packing material and store standing on their edges.
  8. Remove batteries from appliances and toys.
  9. Drain fuel and oil from all mowers and machinery.
  10. Wrap silver in non-acid tissue paper or plastic bags to reduce tarnishing, and wipe chrome or cast iron with a little machine oil to help retard rust.

What Not to Store

Do not store goods that are illegal, stolen, inflammable, explosive, environmentally harmful, hazardous, perishable, or that are a risk to people or our property, such as chlorine, acid, paint and petrol.

Packing Materials

You can purchase packing materials, such as cartons, porta-robes, paper, tape, bubble-wrap and plastic covers from our Self Storage centre office.