If it’s worth storing, it’s worth insuring

When you store goods at Welshpool Self Storage, you are solely responsible for the items that are stored in your unit. We take no responsibility for goods that are damaged or destroyed whilst in storage.

Welshpool Self Storage recommends that you insure your items whilst in transit and in storage.

AON Insurance

Welshpool Self Storage cannot insure your goods, however we do offer our clients insurance through AON.

AON Insurance covers fire, lightning strike, impact, explosion, storm and tempest and/or water, burglary (theft resulting from forcible entry).

The basis for loss or damage is:

  • Replacement value for household goods under ten (10) years old
  • Indemnity value for clothing, linen and the like, household goods over ten (10) years old and any other property stored
  • Archive records – the cost to replace or reinstate documents, but not the value of the information contained therein

If you choose to take out AON Insurance, the premium will be added to your monthly rental. An insurance application form will be available to you at the time you complete your lease agreement or at any time you are storing with Welshpool Self Storage.

For more information about storage insurance contact us on (08) 9451 3456.