Ken Bell

I’ve stored with WSS for many years now and during that time I have never had a single off-putting incident, rare in business.

I’ve always appreciated first and foremost the staff, they have always been pleasant and eager to please, to something as simple as disposing of unwanted items, no matter what it was I’ve always been able to get rid of it on site, it might sound minor, but it’s greatly appreciated when I’m out there wondering how I’m going to get rid of hoarded rubbish.

WSS accounting system is impassable. WSS is adaptable, any size unit at any time. I store with you at around $30 pw and that’s good value, added to that, you’ve moved with the times, now a new facility with no inconvenience to me when building.

Most of all, you somehow have developed that vital knack of connecting with your customer and so letting us know you actually do care and you’re there to please.