Home Renovation Trends for Turning Your Home into a Luxury Home

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Not everyone has the luxury of purchasing or building their dream home from the get-go. Luckily, a home is a life long purchase meaning you can upgrade and renovate your home at your leisure. Here are a few interior design trends from Welshpool Self Storage that will transform your outdated home to something with a brand new, luxury feel.

Feature Wall

The first renovation tip to create a luxury feel in your home is to create a feature wall. A feature wall can be created in any room of the house, however, it’s best to implement in a wide, open space such as a living room for maximum impact. You want the wall to be appreciated and stand out without making the room feel cluttered. Ideas of feature walls include an art wall, invest in some quirky wallpaper, exposed stone or even an indoor wall garden. Whether you only have enough money for some small tweaks or have enough for a full-on renovation, there are plenty of feature wall designs that align with every budget. If you choose the major renovation route, remember to store your belongings in Welshpool Self Storage while your project is underway.

feature wall

Soaking Tub

Nothing makes a bathroom lusher than a statement soaking tub in your bathroom. Bathtubs are a design element often lacking in Australian homes, however, they create a very unique selling point when there. A spa bath of a deep, stand-alone bathtub is something we often associate with resort holidays and getaways, so bring that charm into your home and recreate the feel. Add a bath cushion, candles, plants and a decorative bath tray to complete the luxury look.

soaking tub

Swimming Pool or a Hot Tub

Nothing screams luxury home more than your very own swimming pool or outdoor spa bath. Swimming pools are not only great for cooling off in the hot Australian climate, it is a hub for outdoor activity on your property. Don’t just put a swimming pool right at the back of the yard, make it a feature. Create an outdoor oasis with an outdoor setting, palm trees, a gazebo and an outdoor BBQ area. 

luxury swimming pool

Colour Scheme

When you first purchased your home, you may have furnished the majority of the house through second-hand furniture through friends or website such as gumtree or Facebook market place. Although it did the job back then, it might be time to get rid of that fraying brown couch, mismatching coffee table and that old rug for the ’80s and invest in some matching sets. Pick a colour theme (something that compliments your feature wall) and implement it through the entire house. Each room can have a slightly different colour of the theme but they should at least tie in with the colour and decor of the rest of the house. For example, you might implement grey tones throughout the entire home, or you may choose a pastel theme and have each bedroom focusing on a different pastel colour. If you do the latter, just remember to tie in all the rooms with a common decor theme. This will help really tie the home together and create a luxury feel. 

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