Lounge Room Trends: 2018

Self Storage Perth: 2018 Lounge Room Trends | Welshpool Self Storage

Self Storage Perth  If you’re considering a home update, you may wish to start with your lounge room. This is the space where you spend the most time with your family or relax after a hard day. Before you begin redecorating, you should clean away all of your old furniture so that you can make a fresh start. Storage in Perth is the perfect way to keep your things safe while you update your home. Here are some of the coolest trends of the year to consider.        Statement lighting will brighten your day Your lights set the mood for your space. Besides the amount of brightness that they bring to a room, the right fixtures can make a statement. One of the…

Self Storage Welshpool: What To Unpack First

Self Storage Welshpool: What To Unpack First | Welshpool Self Storage

Moving is a big job whether you do it yourself or hire someone to help. Sorting, packing, storing and then travelling to your new home can all be daunting, and once you arrive, you are likely ready to settle into your new place as soon as possible. What should you unpack first to get that cosy feeling of home? Self Storage in Welshpool from Welshpool Self Storage can help you decide. First things first There’s no point in unpacking and setting up specific rooms if you’re still lacking the essentials. You’ll want to get started by unpacking and putting away the following: Tissue and sanitary products Soap, shampoo and personal hygiene products Towels and linens Toothpaste and toothbrush Broom, dustpan and vacuum Any other items…

Keeping Electronics Self Storage Welshpool

Self Storage Welshpool: Electronics Storage | Welshpool Self Storage

People take advantage of the extra space from Self Storage in Welshpool from Welshpool Self Storage for a variety of reasons. Whether they’re about to move into a new home, they’re decluttering their belongings, or they’re in the middle of a renovation, storage units are perfect for keeping their possessions safe. The high security of Welshpool Self Storage makes it an ideal location to store your electronics, but make sure you follow these tips to keep them in great condition.  Before you move items Make sure you go through all your electronics and remove the batteries from each device and remote control. Doing so will protect your electronics from potential battery corrosion. If you’re keeping the batteries for later use, make sure you store them…

Self Storage Welshpool Gardening Supplies

Self Storage Welshpool: What To Unpack First | Welshpool Self Storage

Gardening and landscaping are popular hobbies for many people today. However, they’re also hobbies that require a lot of equipment you might not want to leave sitting around your home. For most homeowners, space is limited. This includes the basement and garage where gardening supplies tend to accumulate. If you’re a gardening expert or plan to become one, you may be overwhelmed by the number of related items that have accumulated in your home. Consider the following ways that Self Storage in Welshpool from Welshpool Self Storage could benefit you in terms of keeping up with your gardening supplies. Protection from weather elements Many types of gardening and landscaping tools need to be protected from weather elements since moisture can cause rust to build up….

Store Jewellery Self Storage Welshpool

Self Storage Welshpool: Jewellery Storage | Welshpool Self Storage

If your jewellery collection has grown too big for your space, it’s time to consider renting Self Storage in Welshpool from Welshpool Self Storage. Moving valuable but infrequently worn jewellery pieces to a Self Storage unit decreases the clutter in your home while giving you a safe place for these important possessions. Here are the best ways to prepare valuable jewellery for long-term storage. Separate jewellery pieces Before transporting your jewellery to storage in Welshpool, be sure to separate it. Necklaces tend to wrap around one another when they’re stored together, and in some cases, you may not be able to unknot them without breaking them. To prevent this, store these pieces in a necklace organising tray or hang them on a jewellery stand. If…

Store your excess business stock in Self Storage in Welshpool

Self Storage in Welshpool for business stock | Welshpool Self Storage

When it comes to running a successful business, a lot of time and effort goes into planning and preparation. As businesses start to grow and expand, they start to need more storage space. If your business is running out of storage space, it’s time to take advantage of Self Storage in Welshpool from Welshpool Self Storage. There are a wealth of benefits that can come to your business from using a storage unit. Store out of season supplies safely No matter what your business specialises in, there’s probably going to be items you only sell at certain times of the year. Rather than take up too much floor space inside your business, you can move these items into Self Storage in Welshpool. Welshpool Self Storage…


The history of Self Storage | Storage in Kewdale | Welshpool Self Storage

When you’re looking for Self Storage in Kewdale, you’re probably not thinking about the history of Self Storage. However, the storage industry actually has a very long history, dating all the way back to a few ancient civilisations. Ancient storage Storage units can be traced back to an elaborate system in Ancient China. The Ancient Greeks also used a form of paid storage, where people filled clay pots with items. These pots were then stored underground away from their homes. Valuable documents were also stored in Delphi. The Ancient Greeks and Chinese weren’t the only ones. In Ancient Egypt, belongings could be stored in jars and containers away from the home. While these ancient storage methods only slightly resemble the Self Storage industry of today,…


welshpool self storage perth storage information

The popularity of the Self Storage industry in Australia has risen significantly over the past few decades. But what exactly is Self Storage, and how can you benefit from using Self Storage in Welshpool? What is Self Storage? A Self Storage facility is filled with large containers ranging in sizes. Consumers can rent these containers and use them to store their belongings away from their homes. These storage units are secure containers and provide consumers with a great storage solution in an era where homes are becoming smaller and smaller.  Benefits of Using Self Storage in Welshpool There are several benefits that come from taking advantage of a Self Storage unit.  Added security The security measures in place at storage facilities, including Welshpool Self Storage, are more detailed than the…

Welshpool Self Storage Christmas Trading Hours 2016

Welshpool Self Storage Christmas Trading Hours for 2016, Saturday 24th December early closure. Trading Hours will be 7am – 12 0Çlock (noon). Welshpool Self Storage will be closed on Christmas Day 25th December, Boxing Day 26th December and the 27th December. Normal trading hours from Wednesday 28th December to Saturday 31st December 2016. CLOSED 1st January New years Day.

Self Storage Removals

 Welshpool Self Storage has a working relationship with Instatruck - an award winning removal service. They are a fairly new business providing vehicles on demand for any moving job you may need, from a full house to a small load.  Visit their website for more information. Ready Movers are reliable and prompt and very friendly.  Call Andrew on 0407 773 731  or by email [email protected].                                                                             Crusader Removals (08 9451 9854) are also approved by Welshpool Self Storage. When you choose Welshpool Self Storage you are welcome to use our free cage trailer hire. Moving those larger items means hiring a removalist or a hire truck or vehicle.  
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