Space-saving hacks for a small apartments

space saving small apartment minimalism

Living in a small apartment does not only require proper organization but knowledge of correct space-saving hacks. Moving into a smaller apartment from a larger house can be challenging, considering the furniture used in the latter might not fit in the small apartment. However, there are valid ways to retain your items from the larger house and live comfortably in a small apartment. Are you curious about learning the space-saving hacks to adopt this year? Here are some verified techniques from Self Storage Welshpool you can deploy to maximize the available space in a small apartment.

studio apartment

DIY Furniture

You do not need to buy a lot of furniture when moving to a small apartment. A DIY multi-purpose table is a good option to go with. It looks like a coffee table that’s classic and elegant to have in the house. You can use it as a coffee and dinner table while using lower shelves in storing essential items like CDs or books.

DIY coffee table with storage

Hanging stuff on the wall

Hanging your stuff on the wall is not only a classic décor strategy but ideal on utilizing available space maximally. Wall storage is fascinating, and it gives your small apartment ambience to be desired by everyone, depending on the design you hang the items. These items can range from a guitar collection to favourite jerseys, or favourite artwork or even storage spaces.

wall shelves

Get a pullout sofa-bed

Self Storage Welshpool can aid in storing large furniture such as your sofa and a king-size bed. However, after moving to a smaller apartment, you can still enjoy the luxury guaranteed by both if you purchase a pullout sofa-bed. The pullout sofa works as a bed by night and sofa by day. It’s incredible to save space as you can stash your suitcase below.

sofa bed

Organize your drawers

If you intend to fold your clothes and put them in a drawer, always ensure the drawers are organized to avoid untidiness. It is straightforward to notice an unkept room, especially if it is small in size. Old magazines and souvenirs can be placed in a box, which you can store under your bed or in one of the drawers. Organized drawers depict organization and tidiness.

organised kitchen draw

Self Storage Welshpool for items that do not fit

If all your household items and furniture do not fit in a small apartment, you can always explore the self-storage option. You don’t have to be stressed with unnecessary furniture. With Self Storage Welshpool, you have a solution. We can help you move to a bigger house or dispose of their large items with fewer hassles. Try us today for an exceptional experience.

storage unit

Raise your bed

If you do not wish to buy a pullout sofa or store your bed in Self Storage Welshpool stores, consider raising the bed to create room underneath. Yeah, a raised bed creates more storage that you can store containers, suitcases, or even shoes. You can also consider purchasing a portable dressing table, and store it under the bed when not in use. For insights, contact Self Storage Welshpool support desk.



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