Simple Gardening Tips You Can Follow in 2021

Starting a garden from scratch is a exciting experience. There are two types of gardens, in ground or container. Both require the same essentials.

Tips On What Needs To Be Prepared To Start Gardening

  • Check for under ground wires before you dig
  • Have seeds handy
  • Purchase necessary gardening tools
  • Use compost or nutrient rich soil
  • Don’t forget to water

Choose the Right Seeds for the Season

Unplanted shovel and seeds on top of gardening soil

Once you have decided on an in ground garden or a container garden you can begin. If you are establishing an in ground garden, check with your local utility companies about underground wires before you dig. If you must relocate larger items from your yard so that you can establish your garden, you can use Self Storage Welshpool to properly store any larger yard décor or outside furniture. Spend time browsing the seed aisle before you decide to start your garden. Make sure you have thoroughly read the back of each seed packet so you know if your plants require more sun or shade and what their proper spacing should be. This will help you determine if your garden is large enough for everything you have planned or if you will need to plant some seeds in containers where you can easily move them to shaded areas if necessary. If you do not feel comfortable starting with seeds, you can visit a green house and purchase seedlings instead. Each plant will also have care instructions for planting.

Decide On a Location

A woman poking a garden bed with a long stick

Garden location decided upon and seeds or plants ready, now you need to have your gardening tools handy. Do not worry about storing them. If you do not have a garden shed you can rent a storage unit from Self Storage Welshpool to hold your gardening tools in the off season. An in-ground garden will require a hoe, large shovel, hand held shovel and gardening gloves. Depending upon where you live you may also want fencing to keep small animals out of your garden. Plastic garden fencing is relatively inexpensive and easy to install on spikes around the perimeter of your garden. You can add nutrients to your soil by adding a few bags of nutrient rich gardening soil or by incorporating your own compost. Peet moss is also a great addition to help the soil retain moisture. Potting soil is best for a container garden.

Use a Gardening Cage

Plants hanging on to a garden cage

When planting seedlings you will want to space them out according to the planting directions on their package. Some plants such as young tomatoes or peppers may need a wire gardening cage around them to help support them as they grow. As their produce develops on the plants, they will tip over due to weight if they are not properly supported. With proper soil, the right tools and some research on spacing and soil will help you produce a hearty garden. When your gardening season has ended, you can easily store all of your gardening supplies and containers in a Self Storage Welshpool unit so that you can garden again next year.

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