Storing Special Furniture Before Taking Off to Far Off Places

Packing fragile items

You are so excited. You got this cool new job, or you finally decided to live overseas for a year. It’s giddying to think of everything you will see and do in your new life. But as usual, there is a cloud in that silver lining. What do you do with all of your furniture? You don’t want to sell it all because it has special meaning or cost you a lot. Getting new furniture when you return will be expensive, so your best option might be to store it away at Self storage Welshpool.

A Difficult Task

Moving out of your home, deciding on what to keep and what to donate is hard enough, but now you have to decide on what to do with the heavy but beautiful furniture you choose to keep. Of course, you could ask a friend to keep your expensive furniture, but who knows how it will fare under the wear and tear of other people. So instead, a Self Storage Welshpool option might be best. Even so, moving your furniture into a storage unit can be tedious and can even damage your furniture if you aren’t careful.

So if you want your to store your furniture but ensure that it is safe when you return, there are a few things you need to do from the moment you start moving your furniture.

Check the Furniture and Space

Make necessary repairs and make sure your furniture is in good shape. Remove scratches and use proper oil to keep it from splitting. Check that the Self Storage Welshpool unit is clean and dust-free.

Leaks can also be dangerous for your furniture, so make sure the storage area does not have any leaks. Mold can be an issue causing your furniture to become damaged. So try to get a climate-controlled storage unit for your expensive belongings.

Furniture for small spaces

Line The Floor

Line the storage unit with thick foam tiles or plastic sheets. This will make it easier to slide furniture in and keep it from getting scratched.

Disassemble Furniture

Many home furnishings are now disassembled for easy movement. Disassemble pieces when possible but keep all the pieces in a single area of the storage unit.

Place small parts in a Ziploc or closed bag and then tape it to larger pieces. Stack things neatly in your Self Storage Welshpool space. This helps save space so you can fit more furniture in the area.

Wrap Special Items

There are objects in the home that you need to take special care. Ensure you wrap these items carefully and add soft quilts and padding on corners to protect them from damage.

Balance Things Out

Stack items in the storage unit based on the biggest furnishings on the bottom. Then add other lighter furniture on top. Avoid balancing things that could fall and breach on precarious furniture. Ensure that the stacks don’t go too high.

Keep Fragile Items In Original Boxes

Place TVs, laptops and computers into their original boxes. Mark the boxes to identify them and know what they are when you return.

Wrapping a glass bowl in a bubble wrapPut Large Things in The Back

When using a storage unity, keep the big stuff to the back and move the smaller items and fragile items to the front. This will make it easier to unpack when you return.


Bottom Line

Moving and storing furniture is difficult and a demanding task. But you need to take steps to keep your things protected and safe. For example, get a secure lock and make sure the storage unit also has security.

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