The Ultimate Home Renovation Checklist

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Hey, reno heroes! Today we’re gonna discuss how to solve your space issues during a home makeover – Self Storage! Yes, you heard right, those simple storage units at Welshpool Self Storage could be your secret weapon for a no-hassle, smooth sailing renovation project. Let’s crack on, shall we?

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  1. Plan with Space in Mind

Before you roll up your sleeves and make a start, have a yarn with Welshpool Self Storage. Storing furniture and other items during renovation not only clears your space but also protects them from potential damage. They’ll be safe as houses!


  1. Sort and Store

Be sure to separate your belongings based on what needs to be stored away during the renovation. Be strategic. The last thing you want is to dig through your storage unit looking for that one toaster.


  1. Temporary Wardrobe

If it’s the bedroom getting a facelift, consider setting up a temporary wardrobe in your storage unit. It’s a ripper of an idea, isn’t it? No more hunting for that favourite pair of budgie smugglers!


  1. Access and Organisation

Organise your stored items in a way that allows easy access. Label boxes clearly. Trust us, this little bit of prep work will save you from loosing your important belongings.


  1. Post-Renovation Storage

Done with the renovation? Ripper! But, don’t be too quick to take everything out of your storage unit. Take your time to sort, declutter, and only then, reintroduce your items into their new, spruced-up surroundings.


There you have it! Just like a good bbq on a summer’s day, a home renovation is all about preparation. So, include Welshpool Self Storage in your renovation plans and make your project run nice and smoothy. We hope this helped for you to prepare for your renovation, contact us today for more questions!

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