Goods Hoist

Our upstairs self-storage units are easily accessed using our convenient goods hoist. The ride-on hoist makes it easy to convey goods between the two floor levels.



Capacity 1500kg, plus one trained person
Platform Size 2925mm long x 2400mm wide x 2400 high
Vertical Travel 4320
Operating Controls Emergency stop mushroom head push buttons, raise and lower push buttons. Door open and close push buttons. Controls connected to a 415 volt Electro-hydraulic power unit 24 volt DC control.
Platform Type Cantilever type platform connected to a single acting telescope constant velocity hydraulic cylinder. Platform is enclosed with three (3) walls and mesh roof. Interlocked roller door is fitted.
Bearings Self-lubricating glacier bushes.
Finish Specs Hoist and surrounds coated in ‘appliance white’ enamel, except platform deck is painted with ‘blue’ enamel.
Safety Features Hose break valve as a precaution against platform dropping in case of a rupture of the actuator hose. A battery operated emergency exit system is included. Doors have dual (2) switches per door to interlock doors with platform movement if one (1) or both switches are opened then the platform will not raise or lower. An inching feature is included in case the platform creeps.