it’s worth Storing its worth having, Protection Cover!


When storing your goods at one of our facilities you will be offered one month of complimentary Protection Cover!

You will then be offered the choice to continue with this Cover at our standard rates on completion of the complimentary period, as detailed in the table below.

However, you can say no to being sold this Protection Cover. It is not compulsory.

Many Insurance companies will not insure your household goods whilst in storage. Therefore, as an additional service offering to our customers, we offer Protection Cover for your valuable goods at extremely affordable rates.

Our Protection Cove rates are only $1.50 per month per $1,000 cover, with a minimum of $6 per month for $4,000 coverage for your goods.

If you would like to find out more details regarding our Protection Cover offer and the terms and conditions please view on the website or contact our friendly facility staff.

The following table of rates apply:
Cost Per Month Cover Value
$6 $4,000
$9 $6,000
$12 $8,000
$15 $10,000
$18 $12,000
$22.50 $15,000
$30 $20,000
$37.50 $25,000
$45 $30,000
$75 $50,000

*Terms and conditions apply

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