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Published On: 23 April, 2019|2.8 min read|

Top Perth Camping Destinations

Perth is one of the most exciting cities in all of Australia. Home to nearly two million people, Perth is a vibrant city with much to see and delight in each day. Those who make this place their home will not only find things to do in the city. They’ll also find lots of wonderful things they can do in the area. One of the most popular activities in the region is camping. The city is host to many lush camping destinations. Camping in Perth lets everyone take the camping items they have been keeping in Perth Storage from Welshpool Self Storage and get in touch with their and fun side whenever they’d like.

Guilderton Caravan Park

The Moore River is one of the most adored rivers in Western Australia. People come here to do many kinds of activities. It’s only an hour from much of Perth. This makes an easy place to visit. If you are thinking about bringing your camping gear from Perth Storage, the river provides you with an easy destination that lets you enjoy life along the banks. Stay at the Guilderton Caravan Park with lots of others. As so many others have discovered, this is one caravan area that makes it easy for you to have a home base from which you can see the entire region.BEST CAMPING DESTINATIONS AROUND PERTH, WA

RAC Cervantes Holiday Park

If you really love fishing, you can take that fishing gear from Perth Storage and bring it to the small village of Cervantes. This is a village built to appreciate the coast and let people catch lots of different types of fish. For a few dollars a day, you can stay at the modern and updated RAC Cervantes Holiday Park. The park has a lot of different outdoor facilities such as a laundry and showers. You can also take full advantage of a location near the beach to spend lots of time catching your own meals.


Lane Poole Reserve

Roughly one hundred kilometres south of central Perth, Lane Poole continues to be a local favourite. Spread across 50,000 hectares, there’s plenty of room for everyone to find a nice play to stay. Lane Poole is noteworthy for many reasons. One of the reasons that people love it so much it gives them access to the northern jarrah forest. This much-admired ecosystem is an ideal place to enjoy a vast array of outdoor activities. If you love biking, bring your bike and the kids and head off to the Munda Biddi bike riding trail.


Mandalay Holiday Resort and Tourist Park

The next camping destination is gorgeous Busselton is one of the most historic of all coastal destinations in Western Australia. It’s home to many wonderful sites. You can walk along one of the largest wooden jetties in the entire world. Enjoy the underwater aquarium and watch as pods of dolphins stretch out in front of you. When you’re done, head back to the marvellous Mandalay Holiday Resort and Tourist Park. This is a great park with lots of fantastic amenities that will make it easy to do everything you want doing when you’re on vacation.

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