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Published On: 27 October, 2017|2.6 min read|

The popularity of the Self Storage industry in Australia has risen significantly over the past few decades. But what exactly is Self Storage, and how can you benefit from using Self Storage in Welshpool?

What is Self Storage?

A Self Storage facility is filled with large containers ranging in sizes. Consumers can rent these containers and use them to store their belongings away from their homes. These storage units are secure containers and provide consumers with a great storage solution in an era where homes are becoming smaller and smaller.

Welshpool Self Storage Benefits

There are several benefits that come from taking advantage of a Self Storage unit.

Added security

The security measures in place at storage facilities, including Welshpool Self Storage, are more detailed than the security measures in your home. At Welshpool Self Storage, CCTV cameras surveil the facility constantly. There’s also high perimeter security fencing and gates, as well as security beams. These intensive security measures mean your belongings will be more protected in your storage unit than they would be with you in your home.

External storage

When you have access to a storage unit, you have an external location to store some of your belongings. This means there’s less you need to keep squashed inside your home. An external storage unit makes following the trend towards minimalism when decorating our homes easier to follow. Decluttering your home also isn’t such a stressful process when your access to external storage means you don’t need to throw everything away.

An external storage unit can also come in handy during an emergency. If your house is affected by flooding, for example, keeping your important documents outside of your home could be beneficial. It could also be a temporary solution, where you move your valuable furniture into Self Storage in Welshpool in preparation for potential floods.

Useful for major events

We all go through major events in our lives, and some of these can have a massive impact on us. There are plenty of times when access to a Self Storage unit would make managing a major life event a whole lot easier.

  • When you’re moving into a new house, Self Storage means you can start packing a while before you move.
  • When you’re renovating your current home, you can move items into Self Storage to create more space and protect them from damage.
  • When you’re decluttering your home, you can keep things you don’t have room for in your home.
  • When you get married, you can move your duplicate items into Self Storage.
  • When you get divorced, you can move your belongings into Self Storage while you stay in temporary accomodation.
  • When you’re starting a family, you can make more room in your home with Self Storage.
  • When you lose a loved one, you can use Self Storage to give you extra time to sort through their belongings.

With so many self storage benefits, you should contact the team of friendly, expert staff at Welshpool Self Storage today to learn more about your storage options!

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