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Published On: 18 December, 2020|2.8 min read|

Staying Organised Throughout the Holiday with Storage Ideas

Festive Storage Ideas

Everyone is familiar with the tangle of Christmas lights that appears in December, no matter how neatly they seemed wrapped the year before. There is hope to make sense of the madness, however, especially when you take advantage of storage facilities such as Welshpool Self Storage. Check it out below for storage ideas that work!

Getting holiday supplies out of your common storage spaces makes life much easier. You know everything is in one place, and without being shuffled around while searching for other things, it stays in one place all year long. Facilities like Welshpool Self Storage have a wide range of options to allow holiday collections of any size to find an affordable home. In an effort to make the transition easier, we’ve compiled some tips to get your holiday items well packed.

Storage Idea: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Storage Ideas

Packing up after the holidays is a wonderful time to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Flatter chocolate boxes (how are those empty already?) are wonderful storage for delicate, narrow ornaments. Icicles, glass snowflakes, and bows can all be kept safe this way without much packing material. Biscuit tins make strong, crush proof containers for globe ornaments. A great bonus to ensuring all of your ornament containers are crush proof is being able to stack them in order. Very heavy items should always be packed separately, and carefully marked so they can be placed at the bottom of a stack. But for those with fewer items, having the topper and ornaments on the bottom layer of a box allows tinsel, lights and tree skirts to be safely stacked in order. Next year, everything can be pulled out in the order it is put on the tree, without needing to first unpack. Storage ideas such as consolidating everything into just a few boxes is a great way to take advantage of small item storage at Welshpool Self Storage.

Storage Idea: Wrap Your Lights Around Cardboard Bobbins

Festive Storage Ideas

The true key to holiday organisation is fairy light storage. One of the best ways to store lights is wrapped around a cardboard bobbin. Some people recommend this as a use for unwanted magazines, as they are a great size and stiffness for the job. The biggest downside is that they are difficult to cut a notch in. Sliding one end of a string of lights into a notch will keep it secure while you’re wrapping the rest of the cord. This is especially useful if you’re wrapping the lights end-over-end: flipping the cardboard will keep the strand of lights from twisting and tangling as you wrap. Icicle lights can also be wrapped on bobbins this way, with each icicle hanging down. An elastic band over the final layer of icicles will keep it all in place.

Wreaths and trees are best stored in purpose-made bags or the box the item came in. Smaller wreaths can also be stored in boxes with tinsel, garlands, and other lightweight items. If all else fails, a simple dust cover may be all that’s needed. Many units at locations like Welshpool Self Storage have plenty of space to accommodate an artificial tree.

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