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Published On: 13 April, 2018|2.7 min read|

Moving is a big job whether you do it yourself or hire someone to help. Sorting, packing, storing and then travelling to your new home can all be daunting, and once you arrive, you are likely ready to settle into your new place as soon as possible. What should you unpack first to get that cosy feeling of home? Self Storage in Welshpool from Welshpool Self Storage can help you decide.

First things first

There’s no point in unpacking and setting up specific rooms if you’re still lacking the essentials. You’ll want to get started by unpacking and putting away the following:

  • Tissue and sanitary products
  • Soap, shampoo and personal hygiene products
  • Towels and linens
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Broom, dustpan and vacuum
  • Any other items you might need before or while you unpack

Since you won’t likely be able to unpack your whole house in one day, you’ll need to prioritise the rest of your house based on which rooms you’ll use first.


If you arrived early in the day, start with your kitchen so that you can prepare that day’s meals more easily. Start putting away the utensils, glasses, plates, cookware, dishwashing supplies and other kitchenware, and hook up any appliances you’ll need right away.


Bedrooms are next on the list, but if you arrived later in the day, you’ll want to start with the bedrooms. Set up the nursery or your children’s bedrooms so that they will feel comfortable in familiar surroundings and be able to resume their routine quickly. It will also help keep them busy as you unpack the remainder of your home. Next, assemble your bed, and make it with fresh linens, pillows, blankets and your other bedding. Make sure that you have a fresh change of clothing ready for the next day, and get your curtains or window dressings hung so that you can enjoy a bit of privacy.

Leisure and entertainment

Now that you’ve gotten the necessities out of the way, you can start unpacking other items from your storage container such as photos, mementos and other comforts that make your house a home. Finish setting up the rest of your furniture, hooking up your electronics, putting away your books and displaying any art. Remember to flatten packing materials as you go, and break down boxes for recycling. This minimises the clutter and reduces the risk of small items becoming lost in the jumble.

Extra and out-of-season items

If everything has gone well, your home should be starting to feel warm and cosy again, but you might still have a few out-of-season clothes or decorations, speciality items and other belongings that you only rarely use or need. Do you really want them crowding your new space? You can better make use of your space without adding to clutter that so often accompanies a move by putting them in Self Storage in Welshpool until you need them.

Unpacking can be a big job. Take advantage of Self Storage in Welshpool to get some of the burdens off your shoulders and free up some mental and physical space. Contact the storage experts at Welshpool Self Storage for a quote today.

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