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Published On: 21 January, 2019|5.7 min read|

Perth is the embodiment of an ideal global city; it is neither too big nor too small, neither too cold nor too warm. It is clean and safe, but definitely not boring. The city offers amazing opportunities for work, fun, and leisure. Welshpool Self Storage, Storage Perth has put together a few reasons why Perth is a fantastic place to live in.

Let us have a brief overview of Perth

Situated, in Western Australia, Perth is one of the most isolated cities in the world but accommodates over one and three-quarter million people. Its residents are treated to one of the most desired lifestyles due to the Mediterranean climate in addition to a gorgeous, clean, and spacious city. Moreover, about 75 percent of all houses in Perth are detached with varying garden sizes.

Perth’s economy is among the top world economies due to the massive deposits of coal and metal ores in Western Australia. Leading world economies such as China source most of their raw materials from this side of Australia thereby resulting in a high economic growth rate for the state and its capital, Perth. As a result, residents of Perth enjoy some of the highest salaries and incomes in all of Australia.

Perth’s Mediterranean climate is characterised by warm and sunny weather throughout most of the year. In fact, it averages 3,200 hours of sun every year, making it one of the most habitable places on the planet.

Despite all that, Perth is going through intensive rejuvenation to provide even better opportunities for enjoying the Perth lifestyle all year round. This probably the reason why the Economist recently ranked Perth as one of the top 10 most liveable cities in the world. Still looking for a reason why you should move to Perth? Here are the top five reasons from Welshpool Self Storage Perth..


Cheap Rent

For the savvy house hunter looking for a bargain, Perth offers some of the most affordable housing in all of the global cities. This is due to the recent sharp fall in rent costs in the city which has made it affordable for people looking to rent in an area that they otherwise would not have been able to rent before. For comparison purposes, the median rent in Perth is around $350 per week whereas that of Sydney is at around $560 per week. A person living in Perth, therefore, would be making 60 per cent savings in rent as compared to their counterpart living in Sydney! With such an inexpensive cost of living, one can easily afford to downsize while storing excess belongings in storage and still save more money each month!

The cost savings you make in rent can be used to enjoy the picturesque Rottenest Island. This island is an A-class nature reserve that is just 30 minutes off the city’s coast. We will get to more on this later.


High Rate of Employment

The biggest concern when moving to other places is employment. This, however, is not an issue in Perth. This is because employment rates in Western Australian currently sit at around 93.6 per cent. This means that the likelihood of finding work in this city is very high. And because of its relatively small population for a city its size, it means that there are fewer people vying for the same work placements. This, therefore, means that there are more and all kinds of opportunities available for you.


The Culture

You will not have to jump through hoops in order to find art, theatres, pubs, bars, live music, festivals, and multicultural events. This is evidenced by the fact that Perth hosts over 255 major events each year.

Some of the key events to look out for are the Perth Festival which is held every January and March. This festival features local as well as international artists. Other interesting art places to check out include the Western Australian Museum, the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, the Art Gallery of Western Australia, and the State Theater of Western Australia.

Western Australia is also a hub to some of the world’s best music. It has produced legendary bands such as ACDC, Tame Impala, John Butler, and many more. There are numerous live music venues in Perth where you can enjoy local as well as international acts.

The food and drinks scene in this Western Australian City makes Perth heaven for foodies. The city is home to trendy bars, restaurants, and cafes that boast a wide range of cuisines from all over the globe. Every March and April, Perth hosts the Eat Drink Perth Festival to celebrate its food culture. This festival contains more than 115 events in over 70 city venues.


The Attractions

Perth is home to nearly 20 stunning beaches, each giving you the opportunity to enjoy the Indian Ocean in the sunniest city in Australia. There, you can enjoy a variety of activities ranging from snorkelling and surfing, to fishing and hanging out with friends. The clean white sandy beaches stretching into beautiful clear waters with stunning sunsets are indeed a sight to behold.

You can also visit various attractions including the Rottnest Island which is home to the cute, furry, and extremely friendly marsupials known as quokkas. The island has been inhabited by Aborigines for more than 50,000 years, and the government has banned any cars from traversing the island. It is an escape for hikers and cyclists looking to enjoy the outdoors.


Leader in Education

Perth is constantly referred to as Australia’s education city, and this is by no means an exaggeration. Education is at the heart and centre of Perth, which is evidenced by the presence of five world-class universities in addition to numerous other educational institutions.

Anyone looking to pursue degrees in science will find Perth’s Universities to be just what they are looking for; world leaders in areas ranging from science to business. These universities will offer you a wide array of options to choose from.

Perth is the ultimate blend of what an ideal city should be like. With a firm emphasis on amenities and facilities, education and culture, it is a paradise that comes at affordable rates. To ensure your transition into the city is smooth, it is recommended that you use Self Storage Perth to help take care of your goods as you move into Western Australia. Using Self Storage Perth will ensure you are not stressed during your move as they will secure your goods in a storage unit until you are properly settled. Moreover, Self Storage Perth allows you to take your time to look for the ideal place to live in instead of just settling for the first house you get. This service will save you a lot of headaches that are associated with moving. For more information on Welshpool Self Storage Perth, click here.

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