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Published On: 17 January, 2018|2.3 min read|

If your jewellery collection has grown too big for your space, it’s time to consider renting Self Storage in Welshpool from Welshpool Self Storage. Moving valuable but infrequently worn jewellery pieces to a Self Storage unit decreases the clutter in your home while giving you a safe place for these important possessions. Here are the best ways to prepare valuable jewellery for long-term storage.

Jewellery Self Storage Tips & Tricks

Separate jewellery pieces

Before transporting your jewellery to storage in Welshpool, be sure to separate it. Necklaces tend to wrap around one another when they’re stored together, and in some cases, you may not be able to unknot them without breaking them. To prevent this, store these pieces in a necklace organising tray or hang them on a jewellery stand.

If you’ll be storing any pieces that feature gems, keep in mind they can become scratched or damaged if they knock into each other. Diamonds are especially damaging to other jewellery, and pearls are particularly easy to damage. Place them in a container that has separate compartments or store them in individual boxes. If this isn’t an option, wrap them individually in fabric. Diamonds are especially damaging to other jewellery, and pearls are particularly easy to damage.

Store it in a place that’s clean and dry

Jewellery should always be stored in a place that’s clean and dry. The best storage container is in the box or bag that your jewellery was delivered to you in, but if you no longer have these storage items, then you can buy a jewellery box. These boxes are usually filled with cotton to keep your jewellery pieces safe. If you have a regular jewellery box, then you can protect your jewellery by wrapping it in tissue paper first before setting it inside for safekeeping.

Silver requires extra attention

If you own silver jewellery pieces, you’ll need to give them extra attention. Before storing silver, make sure it’s dry. Store these items in a tarnish-proof cloth where it won’t be exposed to air. You can even purchase storage boxes made specifically for silver. These boxes are lined with tarnish-proof fabric. Silver pieces should always be stored apart from anything else to prevent tarnishing.

Self Storage in Welshpool

With the diversity of jewellery today, it’s easy to purchase too much. Instead of getting rid of it, consider storing it in Self Storage in Welshpool. Different size storage units are available and renting extra space is affordable. Not only will your beloved jewellery stay safe in a storage unit, but renting a unit will also help you keep it organised. Contact the team at Welshpool Self Storage today.

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