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Published On: 18 March, 2019|3.3 min read|

Five Travel Destinations To Visit In 2019

New year, new travel destinations. As the new year unfolds, people are in search of new places to explore in person. The globe offers lots of adventures both far away and a little closer to home. These travel destinations should be at the of your list in the coming year. You’ll find places that are ideal for a twenty-fifth wedding anniversary celebration or just a quick jaunt to get away from it all for a few days. Here are a few of our favourites from Welshpool Self Storage .

1. The Grand Canyon

This timeless destination is just as much style today as ever before. This year marks the one hundredth anniversary of this most famous of all American national parks. Tours marking this anniversary make it easier than ever for people to use Welshpool Self Storage and head right here for the time of your life. Take a donkey down to the floor and refresh your spirits in the canyon’s clear, fresh coves and many river points. Bring your camera for memorable shots. You can also choose to camp here overnight. The view of the stars from the canyon floor is one that inspire your inner astronomer.


2. Vietnam

One of the world’s most interesting regions, this county in the heart of Southeast Asia is an up and comer for the modern traveller. It’s easier than ever to get here from Australia with lots of direct flights and plenty of places to stay. This is a very good choice for those in search of adventure close to home. It’s a growing region that will continue to bring in more visitors. Leave your items in Welshpool Self Storage so you can enjoy the country’s incredible food scene. Try a world famous bahn mi on the streets with the perfect combination of textures.


3. Salzburg

If you are a fan of the Sound of Music then you will fall in love with the historic, picturesque town of Salzburg. Bordering Germany, this quaint alpine town is teaming with culture and overlooks an array of mountains and lakes. Looking more like something from the medieval era rather than modern day society, Salzburg is a mystical little teaming with character. A few of the ‘must sees’ in Salzburg include visiting the Salzburg fortress and old town, hike up Gaisberg mountain in take in the stunning views or cruise down Wolfgang river.


4. Paris, France

France is a forever destination that is just as fun as ever before. Millions of people make it their travel destination of choice. While the French countryside has fabulous charm, it’s Paris that brings people here again and again. Paris is a worldwide capital and an ideal place to begin any journey through France. If you’ve never been here, allow at least four days to get the full experience. If you have, you’ll still want to have enough time to see sights like the city’s museums and cafes. Be here at night to see the Eiffel Tower light up.


5. England

As far as countries go, England is an incredibly easy country to travel around in. It’s small size, fantastic public transportation and English as the spoken language makes it a great location for travellers who may be a bit hesitant travelling abroad by themselves. Each city and town has its own unique character with no two being alike. Britain is also a fantastic location to live and work abroad, with a lot of job opportunities for Australian’s with UK work visas. As well as helping you by keeping your belongings safe at home, storage can also help you if you choose to move abroad, such as using a UK storage provider.

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