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Published On: 14 September, 2020|2.7 min read|

Three Reasons Why You Should Move To Perth

The capital of Western Australia, Perth, is a unique city, famous for its isolation across the world. Bordered by the glorious Indian Ocean and Australian nature, it boasts a population of 2 million people. Although it is smaller than most of the cities in Australia and is located far away, it is closer to other holiday destinations in the world. Nevertheless, if you want to escape the chaotic rush of big cities and live a more peaceful life, you might choose Perth as your next destination. Outstanding storage facilities like Welshpool Self Storage add to the several other qualities of this city.

Stunning Cityscapes

If we talk about the enchanting cityscapes, Western Australia certainly wins the game over Eastern Australia. The beauty of Perth is magnified by the captivating beaches of white sand that effortlessly stretch across the city. The vibrantly laid sceneries include 19 sparkling coastlines, lush green gardens, and gorgeous harbours, including Hillary’s Boat Harbour. So, if you are a passionate sportsperson or workout enthusiast, Perth beaches and landscapes will facilitate you to the fullest.

Warm and Sunny Climate

For most of the year, Perth is blessed with a warm and sunny Mediterranean climate. It enjoys the maximum number of sunny hours annually, which exceeds any other city of Australia. During summers, you will witness minimal rainfall. Also, the summer breeze and wind provide a break from the intense heat. The wind can also lead to blowing sand that may make the presence on the beach a bit threatening. However, winters bring spells of rainfall along with frequent sunshine.

It’s Home to the Best Schools

Perth offers high-quality education to its people. It possesses five high ranked universities of the world and several vocational institutions to teach essential skills. If you are planning to pursue higher education, Perth will provide you with a flexible learning environment with an opportunity to interact with local as well as international students. Having a good reputation in the area of education, the city also stands out for its remarkable job opportunities. With an employment rate of 93.6%, it offers multiple part-time job options to students. Moreover, the limited population of Perth may allow you to enjoy a greater chance of getting a job. West Australia’s capital commits to the rule of equality in employment and a work environment without harassment and discrimination. Moreover, if you choose Perth as your study destination, Welshpool Self Storage will be there to facilitate you with its storage services.

As of September 2019, land rates in Perth were among the cheapest across Australia. In the on-going year of 2020, the city faced a decline of 1.1 per cent in its house prices. Dalkeith is known as the most costly suburb for houses in Perth. The city; however, is considered a home-like place for the immigrants and provides affordable property to acquire. Welshpool Self Storage is available to help you with storing your house goods securely. The warm and welcoming atmosphere of Perth, along with its incredible facilities of accommodation, makes it a perfect destination to migrate.

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