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The Psychology of Clutter: Self Storage Can Improve Mental Health

Published On: 9 November, 2023|4 min read|

Research has shown time and time again that there is a connection between mental health and clutter. It’s very easy for your living space to become overwhelmed with several goods, but have you ever given thought to how it could impact your mental health? If not, then today is the day to change that. Our Perth self storage facility explores the effects of clutter and benefits of self-storage below.

The Effects of Clutter on Mental Health

Clutter can have several negative mental effects. This can include anxiety and stress. People often find it difficult to unwind or concentrate on tasks when they are in a busy setting as it is often visually overpowering and chaotic. The continual visual reminder of all the tasks you still have to do can introduce feelings of overwhelm while also raising your stress levels.

Cognitive Distress

The brain can easily get overloaded with information when in a cluttered environment. Concentration can become difficult and this can impact your ability to make decisions. A lot of this comes from the overabundance of stimulation. As a result, you may find that your productivity suffers and that you experience mental fatigue.

Emotional Attachment

A lot of the time, items that people become emotionally attached to, end up forming clutter. People may find it hard to let go of particular objects because they are linked to past experiences. When letting go of belongings, the emotional attachment can lead to feelings of guilt or loss.


Procrastination has been linked time and time again to clutter. A busy environment can make people feel overwhelmed and it can also make it difficult to start or finish things. Projects end up getting delayed and this can act as an obstruction if you’re trying to get things done.

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How Self Storage Could Boost Your Mental Health

When it comes to self-storage, you will soon find that it can boost your mental health in more ways than one. People store their possessions in the form of clutter, due to having poor storage options. This can lead to all of the above effects. That being said, the best way for you to eliminate all of that would be for you to invest in our Perth self storage facilities. You can find some of the benefits below.

Easier to Find Things

People can quickly access and locate the items they need for jobs and projects when they have the right storage options. This can help to reduce stress and it can also reduce the overall time spent looking for things.

Enhanced Concentration

A neat and orderly environment is the best way to boost cognitive performance. The brain isn’t overloaded by stimuli and this can help you to process information much more efficiently. This is great if you want to enhance your memory, problem-solving skills and even your ability to make decisions.

Stress Reduction

Evidence has shown time and time again that clutter increases stress levels. People may create a more relaxed atmosphere by using storage solutions. At our Perth self storage facilities, you can find good storage options and arrange your possessions in such a way that helps you feel in control. What a great way to feel the stress melt away!

Better Sleep

A messy bedroom can easily impact the quality of sleep you can get. Implementing storage options can assist in making the bedroom feel calm and pleasant. This is conducive to sleeping better at night. Decluttering the bedroom environment can help you to relax and this can improve your quality of sleep and general wellbeing. If you feel as though your sleep is being compromised by clutter, then self-storage is a great solution as you can store your winter duvets and blankets, while also making sure that you are not getting rid of things that you may end up using later down the line.

Emotional Health

Storage can help you to manage your possessions and it encourages you to discard or keep items as you make your way through your home. Giving away items that are pointless to you can be somewhat emancipating and it can also go a long way when it comes to your overall well-being. It helps you to design a place that represents your beliefs and objectives while fostering an environment that is optimistic and upbeat.

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