Kitchen Storage Ideas

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The Kitchen is the heart of our home. Friends and family gather in our kitchens, we cook delicious meals, and we sit down for a meal with family. Cooking a delicious meal or entertaining a large crowd can often require a lot of kitchen tools, gadgets, cookware, serving pieces, and, of course, food. However, often finding space to keep all these items organised in our kitchen can be challenging. Many kitchens are smaller and have limited storage. Below, we will share some Kitchen Storage ideas that will help you maximise the space you have.

Add shelves to the walls

While your kitchen may not have adequate storage space in the existing cabinets, you can add more storage space by putting up some shelving. Look for any free wall space where you could add some shelves (or even just one). This can make a huge difference in your Kitchen Storage and will give you more space to store cooking utensils or pantry items.

kitchen shelving

Use windowsills in the kitchen for storage

If your kitchen has windows, why not take advantage of the storage space the windowsill could provide you? Depending on where the window is located, you could store different items on the sill. If the window is by your kitchen sink, consider storing cleaning products there. If you have a window closer to your stove, the windowsill could be the perfect place to store your spices, which could clear up precious cabinet or counter space to be used for something else.

pots hanging from kitchen window

Take advantage of the space on top of the refrigerator

If you don’t already have cabinets above your refrigerator, you can use this space for creative Kitchen Storage. Consider storing small appliances or bulky pantry items here. You can also look for storage bins to allow you to store more items and to prevent things from getting dusty. If you are creative, you should be able to store a lot in this large space.

Storage rack on top of fridge

Hang pots and pans above the stove or kitchen island

Chances are your pots and pans are hogging a lot of the storage space in your kitchen. They’re likely to take up a whole cabinet, which could provide space for many other items. Why not clear out that cabinet space and hang your pots and pans above your kitchen or stove. Not only will this clear up space for you, but it will make accessing your pots and pans quick and easy since they’ll be right by where you’re cooking.

pots hanging above kitchen island

Add hooks on the sides of your cabinets

To clear up some drawer space, you can consider adding hooks to the sides of your cabinets. This can allow you to hang any utensils small measuring cups which have a hook or hole at the top. This trick can really help you maximise the storage space in your kitchen drawers.

While having a smaller kitchen isn’t always ideal, there are many ways you can maximise your Kitchen Storage. You just need to be a little creative and look for any opportunities to add storage space.


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