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Contactless Storage Solutions For Kewdale

Published On: 22 February, 2024|7.7 min read|

Technological advancement is transforming various aspects of daily life, and the self-storage industry is not exempted. Considering the growing demand for safety, practicality, and convenience, contactless storage solutions have become the go-to for many people. It has reshaped the world of storage by reducing physical contact and providing great convenience. Aside from being a growing trend, there are a number of reasons why a contactless storage solution can be an ideal choice for you. This article throws light on why these solutions are a smart choice if you live in Kewdale.


The Shift To Contactless Storage Solutions

Contactless storage solutions are the way to go if you live in Kewdale. These nifty services make storing your belongings simpler while eliminating the need for face-to-face interactions. This innovation is all about keeping up with the times and ensuring you stay safe, especially with everything that happened in the wake of the pandemic.

According to a study published on Linkedin, the global self-storage market was worth USD 58279.16 million in 2022 and is only set to grow bigger, reaching around USD 89940.75 million by 2028. That’s significant growth, showing how much many people need storage solutions and why contactless options are becoming the best option. So, if you’re in Kewdale and need to store your stuff, below are some of the top reasons why your contactless storage solution is your best storage Kewdale option.


Advantages Of Contactless Storage Services In Today’s Digital Age

Contactless storage services have become more popular in today’s digital age and are beneficial for many reasons. These advantages will be outlined below.


Contactless storage solutions help ensure you and your items are safe. They cut down on those face-to-face moments, which means you dont have so many people moving around the facility. That’s good news for both you and the people running the storage facility.

Additionally, contactless storage services follow laid-down cleanliness protocols and ensure a safe environment for their clients and their properties. This hygiene commitment resonates with everyone who values their health and safety, including Kewdale residents. So, store your items with peace of mind, knowing you’re staying safe and sound.


Getting yourself a storage unit has never been smoother. You no longer have to hassle with paperwork or lining up at the counter, as you can complete the whole transaction online. Just check out the available units, pick the one that best suits you, and book it. With online bookings and payments, you can sort it all out from the comfort of your home. Plus, it’s pretty sweet having your gear locked up safe and sound, ready for you whenever you need it, day or night. Consider contactless storage if you’re after a very convenient storage solution.


The streamlined process and remote capabilities of contactless storage solutions may be the top choice for Kewdale residents. This storage option leverages technology to automate various operations, including: storage rentals, accessibility and payment.

This goes a long way to eliminate manual work while speeding up transactions. Clients can properly manage their storage requirements via online or mobile apps. That’s a solid way to save yourself the hassle and time. Also, contactless storage facilities may optimise their resource allocation and cut operating costs by reviewing demand trends and user patterns, contributing to effective resource usage. Overall, the seamless blend of speed, cost-effectiveness, and convenience makes them an efficient option for everybody, including providers.

Drive-Up Storage

Drive-up accessibility is one of the main advantages of contactless storage solutions. Traditional storage providers usually require squeezing your way through tight hallways and stairs, making it hard to move heavy or large items. However, with drive-up storage, you can park their cars at the unit’s entrance to simplify the loading and unloading process. This is beneficial, especially when you’re dealing with bulky items like appliances, furniture, and other bulk possessions.

Convenient Rentals

Thanks to the booming online marketplace, online renting has become more advanced and popular. As a result, scouring the internet is much more convenient than visiting the shops. You don’t need to go far during your search; you only need to go online and check out all your rental options from the comfort of your couch. With the facilities at Welshpool Self Storage, it’s as easy as pie to browse through what we’ve got to offer. Plus, you will find all the information you need for your self-storage journey right at your fingertips. By offering convenient online rentals, we make life simpler for you.


How Welshpool Self Storage Leads In This Area

The internet is a great source for finding the best self-storage facility. It allows you to search, find, and compare the available options based on your storage requirement. An extensive search will reveal that Welshpool Self Storage is your best option and the premier choice when you are looking for the finest storage Kewdale has to offer.

Who We Are

When it comes to storage in Kewdale, Welshpool Self Storage has built an enviable reputation for delivering only superior quality storage services for Kewdale residents.

Providing multiple storage options, in addition to our commitment to top-notch customer service, Welshpool Self Storage is your finest choice for both residential customers and businesses in Kewdale and surrounding areas. With our insatiable quest to protect our hard-earned reputation, we are all about professionalism and reliability. For this reason, we adhere strictly to industry quality guidelines and practices.

Considering our successes chalked in various self-storage options in areas including Perth, Welshpool, Victoria Park, Belmont, Canning, South Perth, Perth Airport, Bentley, Burswood, and Ascot, we believe it’s time to introduce contactless storage solutions to the ever-expanding Kewdale area. You can contact us via phone at (08) 6388 9891 or visit our facility to learn more.

Our Services

As the best storage service in Kewdale, we have many years of experience delivering several self-storage services, including;

  1. Vehicle Storage: If you’re planning a getaway or own an extra set of wheels, look no further than Welshpool Self Storage for top-notch car storage solutions. We’ve got you covered with secure parking spots and private access 24/7. Our car storage units and vehicle bays are perfect for everything from compact rides to 4WDs and trailers. Whether you need short-term parking or a long-term spot, we’ve got you sorted. We are serving up vehicle storage solutions across Perth, from Welshpool to Waterford, Rivervale to Redcliffe, and all the way to Kewdale and beyond. So, kick back and relax, knowing your wheels are in safe hands with us.
  2. Goods Hoist: If you’re after hassle-free self-storage in Kewdale, here’s a compelling reason to choose Welshpool Self Storage. Our upstairs units are easy to access thanks to our reliable goods hoist. You only need to hop on and zip between floors in a flash. This fully automatic lift’s got your back all day, handling loads up to 500kg without breaking a sweat. So, if you’re in need of a lift for your gear at Welshpool Self Storage, we’ve got you sorted!
  3. Free Move-in Truck Or Trailer: You can count on us with not one, not two, but three cage trailers and several other handy trolleys ready to roll if you want to move your stuff in or out of storage. Just give us a call to book one, and we’ll make sure it is available when you need it. Don’t forget to bring along your driver’s license and photo ID when you come. Our friendly team is always here to help, whether you’re looking for more information on our services or are keen to chat about a storage deal that’s perfect for you. You could score a free ride with our move-in truck or trailer, too.

Why Choose Us For Your Contactless Storage Solutions

Reach out to us if you want to experience top-notch contactless self-storage. Here are a few reasons to choose our modern storage facility for your storage needs:

  1. We have robust security measures to ensure your property is safe and sound with us.
  2. Our online reviews and recommendations are evidence of the reliability and quality of our contactless self-storage.
  3. We make it easier to familiarise yourself with our access processes, including mobile apps or digital keypads, for a stress-free, contactless self-storage experience.
  4. Our contactless storage solution offers our customers site access without having to be physically present, boosting our service’s popularity.
  5. At Welshpool Self Storage, we provide automated payment meaning our customers have the flexibility to either pay with cash or online.
  6. We offer a hassle-free access experience to eliminate the need for physical interaction and too much paperwork.
  7. We are experienced and appreciate the various issues or circumstances that affect self-storage and can provide you with all the help you need.
  8. Welshpool Self Storage is available to answer all your calls and provide 24/7 response online anytime. You can bet we’ll keep your belongings safe.

Welshpool: Your Go-To Contactless Storage Kewdale Provider

Contactless storage solutions are a safer and more convenient way to store your items. Get in touch with us today for all your contactless storage solutions, and enjoy the benefits of making a smart choice.

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