Turn Your Home Into a Nature Oasis


A home is so many things in so many ways. For some, it’s about a chance to retreat from the world and find their personal oasis that reminds them of being in the natural world. If you are one of those who would like to take your spaces and make them a green retreat, you’ll find many ways to accomplish this plan and make your home a sanctuary. You can bring out those items you’ve been keeping in Welshpool Self Storage and make your home a place of green delight. Now is the time to seize the day and find ways to create a home full of wonderful life and green spaces everywhere you look.

nature themed interior design

Wall of Plants

Plants offer life giving oxygen. As people breathe in oxygen, the plants get gases they need in turn. A wall of plants offers a great way to put in a large expanse of green. Take items from Welshpool Self Storage like plant hangers and construct a wall in one area of your home. You can designate that part of the home the place to keep lots of green plants. Think about specific factors such as the height of the wall and what kind of plants will work to set off the rest of your decor. For example, you want to bring in plants that have lots of height. A series of trailing vines can draw the eyes upwards and show off your pleasingly high ceilings.

plant wall

A Marvelous Deck Area

The deck can be used as an extension of the rest of your home. Think about this space and how you make the most of the yard. You might want to start by placing the items already in existence on the deck right now in Welshpool Self Storage and keeping them there as you paint and make any other kinds of necessary corrections. This will give you a clear view of the entire space and how best to arrange it. Furnishings can be brought that have an airy quality. Large planters in gaily painted vases bring in even more colour and delightful detail.

wooden deck

Fabulous Art Pieces

Art is one way to make any space come alive. The right art piece at the right time can really make a space pop. Think about nature-themed pieces and bring them home. For example, a large painting of a flower-like an iris or a rose can offer intense colour and remind you of the best of summer every single time you look at it. It’s a good idea to think about other pieces that can also set off the art you’ve chosen. A series of other items can help create a theme. A cactus-shaped vase makes a great place to store lots of outdoor plants and create groupings of flowers from your outdoor garden on a weekly basis. The same is true of other kinds of vases in different heights. A well-arranged nature art sequence can bring your home to vivid green life.

nature wall art


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