When Do You Need to Get a Self Storage Unit?

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Self-storage can benefit you in many ways. It doesn’t matter whether you are moving, downsizing, decluttering, or you need extra space, self-storage is an ideal solution for your needs. Studies have shown that Americans move approximately 11.1 times in their lifetime. The first goal of moving is how can I do it with ease and economically. Self-storage is safe, affordable, and convenient.
Music is my passion and playing my musical instruments is my way of relaxing and having a good time. My passion for music has led me to accumulate an array of musical instruments which I like to take with me wherever I go. Having to make big moves early in my life, my moving experiences include utilizing self-storage both long-term and short-term. My experience started with my college move, my domestic and international occupation move and building a new home.

College Move

parents looking at their daughter to move out to college
My college of choice was 500 miles from home. I was unsuccessful at finding an apartment near my university and big enough to accommodate my furniture, personal effects and my musical instruments. Because I hired a moving company to move my personal items, I had all my things moved at one time to reduce cost, which led to a need for self-storage.
Welshpool Self Storage had a variety of unit sizes available. The 12×12 storage unit accommodated all my items and more. I could also set up my musical instruments and move my items as needed in the storage unit.
Welshpool Self Storage had convenient business hours, access outside business hours, convenient payment methods, 24-hour security and insurance options available.
After four years of rental, the storage company allowed me to have a sale for all my unwanted items. If there were items I could not take with me, the company would remove them for a low fee.

Domestic and International Job Move

two women packing their stuff to move out
My first job landed me 300 miles from home. I had to take up resident in employee housing until I finish my job training. The company packed up my clothing, furniture and musical instruments and moved them to my preferred storage company.
My company gave me a stipend for six months of storage fees. Since the company was funding the storage, I rented a larger storage unit. The storage unit had outlets where I could set up my instruments and play in the storage unit. In the wintertime, I bought my heater to the storage unit, and in the summer I bought my fan.
Two years into my employment, I was selected for an international assignment in Europe. Employee apartments in Europe were furnished, so I didn’t need most of my things. Once again, my company move my furniture and clothing to my preferred storage. What was different this time could store my car and motorcycle?

Other Storage Usages

a woman carrying a cardboard box while her husband unloads the rest from the car
I highly recommend self-storage for not only for moving but storing your personal items if you building a new home and major renovation. Self-storage is a great place to store your items such as:
  • Electronic
  • Important Documents
  • Antiques
  • Keepsakes
  • Furniture
If you are looking to move, declutter or store personal items, check out for Welshpool Self Storage for all they have to offer.

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