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When you’re looking for Self Storage in Kewdale, you’re probably not thinking about the history of Self Storage. However, the storage industry actually has a very long history, dating all the way back to a few ancient civilisations. Ancient storage Storage units can be traced back to an elaborate system in Ancient China. The Ancient Greeks also used a form of paid storage, where people filled clay pots with items. These pots were then stored underground away from their homes. Valuable documents were also stored in Delphi. The Ancient Greeks and Chinese weren’t the only ones. In Ancient Egypt, belongings could be stored in jars and containers away from the home. While these ancient storage methods only slightly resemble the Self Storage industry of today,…


The popularity of the Self Storage industry in Australia has risen significantly over the past few decades. But what exactly is Self Storage, and how can you benefit from using Self Storage in Welshpool? What is Self Storage? A Self Storage facility is filled with large containers ranging in sizes. Consumers can rent these containers and use them to store their belongings away from their homes. These storage units are secure containers and provide consumers with a great storage solution in an era where homes are becoming smaller and smaller.  Benefits of Using Self Storage in Welshpool There are several benefits that come from taking advantage of a Self Storage unit.  Added security The security measures in place at storage facilities, including Welshpool Self Storage, are more detailed than the…

Welshpool Self Storage Christmas Trading Hours 2016

Welshpool Self Storage Christmas Trading Hours for 2016, Saturday 24th December early closure. Trading Hours will be 7am – 12 0Çlock (noon). Welshpool Self Storage will be closed on Christmas Day 25th December, Boxing Day 26th December and the 27th December. Normal trading hours from Wednesday 28th December to Saturday 31st December 2016. CLOSED 1st January New years Day.

Self Storage Removals

 Welshpool Self Storage has a working relationship with Instatruck - an award winning removal service. They are a fairly new business providing vehicles on demand for any moving job you may need, from a full house to a small load.  Visit their website for more information. Ready Movers are reliable and prompt and very friendly.  Call Andrew on 0407 773 731  or by email                                                                             Crusader Removals (08 9451 9854) are also approved by Welshpool Self Storage. When you choose Welshpool Self Storage you are welcome to use our free cage trailer hire. Moving those larger items means hiring a removalist or a hire truck or vehicle.